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aJDate: Tuesday, 2010-04-20, 4:06 AM | Message # 1
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ok the other night, it was close to 1am and we had 29 players on the server. It was both a successful night for gaining server popularity and a failure.
the map got changed to jail_ay_caramba_v3 and straight away, the regular's started complaining that jail_ay_caramba_v3 would clear out the server. So the map was changed to another random sucky JB map which if I remember correctly is one of the very first JB maps made... so its pretty basic and crappy... more complaints... so the map was changed again. 3 maps within 5 minutes - we lost 6 players straight away because of it.
Now to the point of this post... If you're not going to play the maps out... then delete them from the server, constant map changes loses players and looks bad on the server.
I'm not going to just sit here and shit all over KBC's map. KBC no disrespect to your mapmaking abilities but honestly speaking, jail_ay_caramba_v3 CAN use improvements and is still not ready for going live.

-The black-mesa-training facility room.... when would you ever use it? is it for a shot to shot kind of thing or what? you can only comfortably fit like 6 players in there max... and 4 would just get in the way - this room then leads on to a target facility.. are you going to give T's guns? I don't understand, it seems like a waste of space, and badly placed, you would have to lead 28 terrorists through that tiny black-mesa-training facility room first. YES 28 terrorists, when i'm making my JB maps i put into consideration "maximum condition" possibilities.
-the layout in general is quite bad, the space is just so wide that it makes it so easy for T's to just bolt for the back door... and if you want to wait for ct's to take position to cover it, the T's need to wait like 20-30 seconds in their cells.... and these cells have a small hole you can barely look out of only if you jump, so put into consideration someone that has to stare at a wall for 20 seconds, it seems like 2 minutes to them.
-the spelling bee room.... i really tried to figure out a way where it would make any sense to use that room but its just a waste of space tbh.
-you have like 50 cells and only activity rooms that can hold 10 people.
-Steps so steep there really isnt a point in them, you dont walk down them you fall down... then you got one oversized step that causes a door to bug and be tricky to open. I'm sure you know which one im talking about

-for the big empty rooms such as the trampoline room or swimming pool, you can select the walls and stretch the 1 texture to fit the whole wall instead of having the same texture over and over 100 times on one wall, this will keep your map smaller and solve a lot of FPS and lag issues for people that don't have a great gaming PC.
-texture coated buttons... althought you dont see it, people must still render the textures on the back of the buttons to open the doors, i know it takes a little longer but just stick the buttons all the way flush against the wall, carve it out and apply the button texture to just the visible side. this way you wont have a button poking out with 5 sides of uneeded textures that people will still have to render.

As a mapmaker myself, I would appreciate if I made a map and someone told me it wasn't good, but that alone is just insulting, so thats why I explained what i personally think is not good about it and you can improve on it from there. This is just off the top of my head I'm sure the other members of the community can help out by pointing out what they noticed is wrong with the map and perhaps suggest improvements.


VaffDate: Tuesday, 2010-04-20, 4:11 AM | Message # 2
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oki kbc i have had a door bug even when we where only 4 people on might be block doors or the doors just bug i cant say but it makes people leave so i removed the map for now but i do partly agree with aj there are some bugs that need fixing
^kbcDate: Tuesday, 2010-04-20, 5:30 PM | Message # 3
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biggrin good if u took it away if ppl doesnt like it smile i dont care. it was my 2nd jailmap and i was totally out of ideas.
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