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Forum » Mapping and Coding » Mapping » FINALLY!!!... almost - BETA map.
FINALLY!!!... almost - BETA map.
aJDate: Wednesday, 2010-05-26, 4:00 AM | Message # 1
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OK so after about 4 months from start to finish I finally created my map, I still had about 4 rooms to do but before I could even start those I was coming across problems.

Too many surfaces - the limit is about 64,000 and I had 98,000 so I had to make DRASTIC changes to the amount of surfaces, but this is good news for people with PC's that are not top of the line - usually people that experience an FPS drop in HUGE rooms will notice they do not face the same problem here.

Too many entity - an entity in the map can be anything that isn't a "wall", so basically anything with a function is an entity. An entity can be; buttons, doors, breakable walls, glass, lights, guns, spawn points, water. ladders etc etc the limit for this is 512, I had about 850
So again I had to make DRASTIC changes and delete ENTIRE game rooms; such as a TEAM RACE room, where you would pair up in groups of 2 T's per team and race, and you cannot progress through the race without your team mate, it was made in a fun way that I wont reveal because if this map is popular enough, I will make another map and include these deleted rooms for the next one smile

These two problems are HUGE problems for people that have already gone far into their map, especially the 512 entity limit... imagine making a map that you are proud of and then you have to pick 300 buttons and doors to delete.... it will make your proud piece of work into a big piece of shit.
I did not know these restrictions existed until I was stopped by them, so I hope this information helps you mappers out there to better plan your maps in the future.

but anyways, HERE is the map;


I hope you enjoy the incomplete version. It is still playable, but you will notice;
-Two doors do not work, I plan on making 2 SIMPLE rooms that do not require many buttons (I have space for 13 more entities)
-The Hide'N'Seek room is half empty, I still need to complete that. The reason I put a Hide n Seek room is simply because this map was going to be HUGE and a HnS day would just take FOREVER. Even now that it is incomplete, there are just too many places people can hide in the map and never be found.
-Escape routes still need to be added.


Added (2010-05-26, 4:00 Am)
If you are confused about how some of these new rooms should be played, here are some base rules, commander can add or adjust his own.

Bull Pen:
This is basically a variation of my game "RunForYourFuckingLife day". The CT's will lead all the T's into the bull pen then close the door behind them using the button outside the door. ONE CT then enters the bull and drives it, trying to kill all the T's. The last T remaining obviously gets last request.

Might be thinking why this room is called Carnival - it was basically inspired by that game you see at the carnival's where a clown is sitting on a platform and people throw balls at a bullseye to release the platform and drop him into the water... and that's exactly what it is, but with TWO platforms, and smoke grenades instead of balls... and it isn't water, its acid!
This room was originally designed as a "/lr" room but I added a cell for other T's to wait inside and let in to play one by one, so you can have tournaments, or "winner stays on" etc. platform 1 (on the left) and platform 2 (on the right) "should" have 1 person per platform but you can allow two per platform, as long as they do not run through the teleport at the same time; but I don't recommend it anyway as there will then be T's spamming the button to receive a nade. it is for this reason i put 3 layers of walls infront of the teleport pads, the CT can toggle these walls to gradually let players in to play in case there are idiots that just charge in one after another and get stuck inside eachother on the other end.
4 different difficulty settings inside the viewing room, so if for example you are playing it with "winner stays on" rules, you can have difficulty 1 for the first round, difficulty 2 for the second round if the same person wins again, etc etc, you can even turn them all on at the same time if you're feeling pro.
Once there is a winner you can set to release him with the huge button on the wall that says "winner release" he can then climb a ladder to join the CT's for his /lr or whatever. (the winner release is toggle, so use it as many times as you want depending on how you're playing)

Spray room:
speaks for itself, can make your own rules e.g. diagonal lift only, vertical lift only, jump ramp only etc

Race room:
T's start behind the red blocks. BORING straight line running? NO! I wont explain it here, you just have to play it!! I've put positions for the top 6, but the commander can do it however he wants, "only top 2 will live" etc.

Shot for Shot room:
this is an /lr room. you can adjust the height of the wall to have HS's only or body shots only etc. you can also restrict jumping (giving a slow movement penalty if the other person jumps) this includes crouch jumping. You can also allow jumping but restrict bunny hopping. there are 3 different distances to choose from. There is also a "pro" room inside the shot for shot room - its just basically all dark and you can only see a silhouette of your target. Inside this pro room you can also turn on "pro mode" which allows you to only see a slight silhouette of the other persons neck.


Added (2010-05-26, 4:00 Am)
Last Man Standing:
I'm not sure who made up this game (maybe playjoe?) but its basically a room the T's all get inside, and the CT's will shoot through the door trying to kill all of them except 1. I only added this room because it only needed 2 entity's and i was at my limit smile

BORING trampoline room in every jb map i've ever played, so i spiced mine up a bit, now you can do commands like "last reactions square trampolines only" or "last reaction yellow trampolines only" etc etc.

basically leads directly from the cage into the football room, if there is no space to line the T's up in the cage on a full server, you can just put them all in there. BORING football room, so I added an extra feature, now when you score a goal it SHOULD turn on a green light on and off for every goal, so no more of that "that didn't go in" crap, plus it looks nice smile

BORING pool day in every jb map, I haven't seen a single good one, apart from mine ;). When there are 4 t's left, get each one to stand on a red square in each corner of the pool, drain the water (button on the wall called water) close the cage on top (button on the wall called cage) raise the maze (button on--- etc etc) and then raise the water again! its a race/fight for survival to reach the exit in the middle, only space for 1 person for air, the rest will die in this underwater race! I couldn't make it for more than 4 ppl sorry sad

I have lots more idea's for my other game rooms but like I said, it just wasn't possible. But if this map is successful I will make another JB map with all the rooms I could not include in this one!

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PlaGueDate: Wednesday, 2010-05-26, 3:37 PM | Message # 2
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Cool ! But the link isn't working applause

"The wise man speaks because he has something to say, the fool because he has to say something." Platon
aJDate: Wednesday, 2010-05-26, 3:56 PM | Message # 3
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Quote (PlaGue)
Cool ! But the link isn't working


ok this link wink


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^kbcDate: Friday, 2010-05-28, 10:22 PM | Message # 4
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I like the map very much. Cant w8 to see the finished version.

My favourite was Carnival room. And also pool was super gr8. Theres actually nothing negative to say about the map.

aJDate: Saturday, 2010-05-29, 9:07 PM | Message # 5
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glad you like it KBC.

Wanted to know what you guys think of the shot for shot room? im thinking of taking it away either completely or just leave the "pro" section. this is to free up space and allow me to build more "group" fun rooms.

I've figured out a way to drastically reduce the number of entities I've used in my map without actually having to delete any, so now I'll be able to add some more features such as escape routes, more advanced rooms etc including TEAM RACE room which I hope will be a big hit, as it is my favourite room so far smile

let me know what you think about getting rid of the shot for shot room.

SmileyDate: Sunday, 2010-05-30, 6:43 AM | Message # 6
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It's a pretty nice feature, but if you got better ideas take them imo, it's not that many taking shot4shot as lr either :b

I'm not failing, i'm just trying to make you feel better.
aJDate: Monday, 2010-05-31, 1:09 AM | Message # 7
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added two new rooms:

Sparta Room:
special thanks to those that helped me test this one out.
This Sparta room was designed for Sparta day (obviously) and was designed to give CT's an advantage and a chance to win even if it is 5CT vs 27T.
Its not designed to be played like an "acer" map like someone said to me, but more like CT's holding a fort and the T's need to get in.
CT's have a choice of holding the fort at the walls, or if they are getting pushed fast they can retreat into the "bunker" and fight it from there.
This room wasn't designed for head on, toe-to-toe battles, but if you are a CT and you want to charge straight in, you can play it however you want.

Team Race:
Fresh new room for you all to try, you can only have 3 teams in this race, each with 2 people. so if you're down to 6 T's and can't think of anything creative apart from last reaction, then this is the place to go!
As you can read, it is a TEAM race, meaning you cannot progress without your team mate.
Each team mate will be met with their own challenges, at the end of each challenge there is a button that opens the door to allow your team mate to complete their challenge.
There are 2 lanes per team (1 each) so there is no helping each other out (boosting etc) if you're team mate sucks then you will be held back while the other teams go on.
At the end of the race there are a obstacles to overcome WITH your team, if he/she is too slow in completing these last challenges, then you have a choice to make.... go ahead and close the door without him/her or wait...
At the end of the race there is a big red button, you just need to stand on it to activate it, as soon as you do, a shutter teleports in and blocks out anyone that didn't make it in time ;)

enjoy these new features!

despite my best efforts I've reached the absolute maximum and cannot add any more rooms, I only have space for some escape routes and I still need to finish the HnS room, so the next update will will be the last!


(the filename has already been changed jail_ instead of jb_ so you don't need to delete older versions)

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