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Jailbreak Guide v2.0
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(Moved due to excessive crap from Urban in the first thread.)

Just a list of days and games that are played on jailbreak. This is more for those who are new to jailbreak. If any games or days mentioned on this thread differ to how you play it then please reply in this thread so that it can be discussed in a mature manner. Also, if any games or days are missing, do not hesitate to say so that it can be added onto the list. (:


Free Day. popular
- Usually given at the beginning of a new map or at random intervals in-between days, this involves terrorists doing whatever they want. Terrorists are however not permitted into the gun room unless the commander states otherwise. Counter-terrorists are usually found defending the gun room.

Cell Day.
- As the name suggests, this involves the terrorists staying in their cells. Usually expanded afterwards to "Simon says", "Cage day" or "Line day".

Cage Day. popular
- Another popular command, this involves the terrorists making their way to the allocated cage where they spend their day in. Usually expanded afterwards to "Simon says", "Last reaction", "Learn-Me-A-Maths game" or "Rhyme-Me-A-Word game".

Line Day. popular
- Similar to "Cage day". Terrorists are told to make their way directly to the lined area on the floor. Usually expanded afterwards to "Simon says", "Last reaction", "Learn-Me-A-Maths game" or "Rhyme-Me-A-Word game".

Emo Day.
- Ts must keep slashing for the whole day. If they are caught not slashing, they can be killed.

Table Day.
- Ts are ordered to make their way directly to the table(s) which are usually situated in-between the cells.

Sparta Day.
- A knife battle, Counter-terrorists versus Terrorists. Round ends when the last CT or T dies.

Zombie Day. popular
- Counter-terrorists act as the humans and the terrorists act as the zombies. The aim is for the Ts to kill the CTs. The Ts are only allowed to silent walk. If they are caught running, jumping or crouching then can be killed by the CTs.

Spelling Bee Day. popular
- The commander says a word and the first Terrorist to spell out the word correctly gets to choose what day they have.

Hide'n'Seek Day.
- All CTs remain in the gun-room and allow the Terrorists to go hide anywhere on the map except the gun-room. After a certain time limit (usually 1 minute 30 seconds), the CTs hunt down the terrorists who are allowed to be killed on sight until one terrorist remains the winner.

Global 'Simon says' Day.
- A freeday except terrorists must follow what 'Simon says' commands. E.g. "Simon says you're only allowed to silent walk from now on", meaning terrorists must spend their freeday silent walking until a new 'Simon says' command is issued.

Death-Run Day.
- A day involving either one-by-one or altogether, the Ts travel along the death run course. A race to the death. If a Terrorist falls off, they die. Commander can issue how many winners live and how many losers die. E.g. "The last two losers die."

Talent-Show Day.
- A day where Terrorists can strut their stuff on-stage. A commander calls by Terrorists one-by-one onto the stage to perform to a bit of music played over the mic. CTs judge at their discretion.

Crab Day. gay
- Only allowed to go around the map crouched and walking sidewards. Any other sort of movement and the Terrorists can be killed.

Dark Room Day. (by PlaGue aka Playjoe)
- On certain maps, there is a dark room. The commander would tell the Ts to get inside the room and then shut the door close. The CTs then proceed to kill the Ts until one is left standing.

Pool Day.
- Commander lines up something for the Ts to do in the pool. Usually a race.

Added (03.30.2010, 7:20 PM)

Simon Says. popular
- An elementary school game. Follow whatever "Simon says" but if Terrrorists get caught out doing a command when Simon didn't say it, they are killed.

Last Reaction (+ First Reaction). popular
- Whoever is the last terrorist to act out the command, is killed. If combined with first reaction, then the first person to act out a First Reaction dies.

Learn-Me-A-Maths. (by aJ)
- The Terrorists are told to line-up and face the ground. A simple maths equation is given and the first person to answer correctly gets to choose a number. Whatever terrorist is standing at that number location in the line dies.

Rhyme-Me-A-Word.(by aJ)
- Similar to Learn-Me-A-Maths game but instead of an equation, a word is given and the first terrorist to say an existing english word that rhymes with the original word gets to choose a number. Whatever T is stood at that number dies. E.g. Commander says the word is "Boo", then a terrorist can say "Goo, Loo, Moo, Too" etc.

Spray Contest. popular
- Usually when 2 Ts remain, they can have a spray contest on a wall. Commander issues the rules. Cheat/No cheat, Highest/Lowest wins/loses.

KZ/Climb game.
- Usually when 2 Ts remain, they can have a race to the top on KZ/Climb.

- A commander issues out commands and the Ts must do the exact opposite. E.g. "Do not go to the cage and do not crouch and freeze when you reach the cage."

- Usually when a low, even number of Ts are left (e.g. 2 or 4), they can have a football game. Command states how many goals it takes to win.

- As the name suggests, it's a race to the finish line in a maze. Similar to death-run, the commander can choose how many winners live and how many losers die.

- Like Musical Statues. Commander plays a song over the mic and the Ts keep moving until the song stops. Last one to stop moving dies.

MAM Talent.
- Ts each in turn perform to the CTs with a dance whilst the commander plays music over the mic. The winner is decided by the CTs.

Slash-Me-A-Football. (by aJ)
- A football game with a difference. Ts versus CTs. One CT must sit out to monitor and referee the game. Slashing is allowed, but not secondary knife. You can only slash the person with the ball. If someone slashes someone without the ball or secondary knifes, the referee is allowed to kill that person, be it T or CT. Check aJ's post below for more details.

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